Welcome to the VayneLine universe website, dedicated to the epic space opera series that deals with fate/destiny, freewill, manipulating reality and reincarnation.  The major underlining theme in all the books is whether destiny or free will controls our actions, and if ‘gods’ manipulate these things as well as what happens to what we might consider a ‘soul’.  The major question is if an individual has the power to change reality, at what price would they do so?

VayneLine and all the stories take place in the same universe and are all inter-related.  This site is designed to give new readers a taste of the expansive lore and to learn more about things that may not be in the books.

This is set up so that any reader can learn more about the various plots, concepts and other aspects to expand the background.

If this is your first time here, visit ‘About’ to get a quick grasp of the general plot behind the stories, otherwise start checking out the sections that interest you.  I keep a blog going in case you want to leave comments and to update the latest books or entries I am working on.

Structure of stories:

Every story is part of the ‘VayneLine Universe’ in that all the stories occur concurrently and are in the same universe literally.  There are eight VayneLine Chronicle stories which are longer novellas that tell of side aspects to the longer epic of ‘VayneLine’ itself.  There are other books such as Reiko-10 (and its side story Eleria Modality) which again also occur in the same universe and explain various concepts in the series.  The free story Azure Escape (which can be picked up on the sidebar free) tells a short prequel to the VayneLine Series

Certain sections will have  the wording ‘This section will be expanded later.’ and will include more information as time goes on and more things are revealed.

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Current books that are out:

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VayneLine (Book 1)


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