This is day to day technology, such as ICS, AGEd, Nanities.  This section is mostly technology that civilians likely will encounter on a regular basis.  As a result this does not include weapons/battle technology nor does it include things with spaceships.



Two major concepts that underpin most technology (as well as many weapons) are the understanding of both magnetics and gravity.

Grav Tech –  A short primer on that gravity has been fully discovered and the multitude of purposes we can use it for

Magtech – This includes all the variations of electromagnetic uses of technology.


General Technology:

AGEd – ‘Aelisha Genetic Engineered’.  Refers to most people who are created through engineering methods and as a result have heightened abilities such as intellect or endurance.

Gene Therapy – A process people who are not AGEd can undergo and mostly reverse most genetic damage.

ICS – Internal Communication System is a protocol that allows us to communicate in our minds to others, much akin to chat/text/email.

Intradex – A virtual depository of all information the Solarian federation has.  Imagine the most advanced encyclopedia possible.

Nanities – A generalized term referring to the multitude of very tiny machines that range from body/health to industrial uses

Psionics – Refers to abilities such as divination or advanced intuition.  Psionics are not a true technology so much heavily studied and selected for.