Solarians are one of the main races in the VayneLine universe.  They are what humans eventually become known as, given they hail for the ‘Sol’ star.

Solarians were uplifted by the Aelisha during the crisis known as the Sky Riots on Earth.  Through a mix of environmental degradation, and geopolitical conflicts culminating in small-scale exchange of nuclear weapons the Earth was on the brink of destruction.  The Aelisha had long known about humanity and when it was clear they could no longer rule themselves stepped in and assumed control.

With advanced technologies like nanites used for terraforming much of the damage was reversed.  A new system of education and inculcation was put into place as well as widespread genetic engineering.  The humans soon became known as the Solarians (due to the star Sol) and were given generally free reign as long as they served the Aelisha.  This included bearing the Aelisha Strive, as well as their military being controlled by the Aelisha.  Solarians are often used as front-line troops for Aelisha actions.


Education and Service:

A majority of Affiliated Solarians are AGEd and grow up being educated in strict academies.  Given the larger potential for intelligence concepts are introduced far faster than in modern days and as a result it is typical to have the equivalent of teenagers understanding advanced concepts like physics or military strategy.  Academies also focus on physical health and a majority of them include various combat basics such as weapon usage given the violent universe the Solarians find themselves in.

Most are already ‘destined’ for various career fields based on their AGEd characteristics, but there is some overlap in case the demand changes as the person grows older.  An example of this is pilots tend to almost always have orange hair and orange eyes as that is part of the culture of that AGEd grow.

Service to the race is mandatory for all within the Solarian Federation.  After education they are sent off to various career fields.  There is choice to some degree as to where the person wants to go, but given natural AGEd abilities and inclinations this is limited to some degree.  Within this mandatory service is a sliding scale of ‘sacrifice’ to the race, meaning those jobs deemed more demanding result in a quicker service.

Direct military service is among the shortest requirements with the minimum required time at around four years of our time.  To be clear this is the minimum that allows a person to leave without any further obligation to the Solarian Federation.  Longer time in service enables the person to get increasing levels of retirement.  Highly dangerous career fields like Classed Soldiers or various special ops can qualify the individual for full retirement in as little as a few years, but the danger is obvious.

After a completed service, the person is free to do anything with their life, they can retire, work commercially, continue their present job or anything in between.  This is viewed as normal, and the way for the individual to give back to the race that had given so much education and opportunity.


Use of ‘Terran’:

The term Solarian refers to anyone within the race, whereas some people use the term ‘Terran’ meaning someone who is directly from our home planet ‘Terra’.  It is used with a sense of pride ‘That is Terran to you’ with perhaps a mix of arrogance if someone does not actually come from Terra.  It is used exclusively within the race, as aliens would not understand the distinction.