Sky Riots

The Sky Riots is a term that refers to the final series of planetary upheavals that occurred on Earth (before it became ‘Terra’) for the Solarians.  These range from initially political crises and food chain disruption that led to the ‘riots’ in major cities across the world.  As things spiraled further down, order was systematically lost, wars raged, including nuclear weapon detonations, and 90% of the population was lost by the end.  The term ‘Sky’ referred to the unprecedented use of aerial resources, both by civilians such as drones, and the eventual use of helicopters for both aid at first, and killing later.

Though the ‘riots’ only occurred at the beginning before it became serious, the term ‘Sky Riots’ stuck, as it was the catalyst that led to everything.  By the end, the Aelisha stepped in, saving the humans, preventing further nuclear exchange and beginning the uplift of the species.

Sky Riot 7

Sky Riot 7 was the last ‘official’ riot that also marked the rapid increase in intensity with the deaths of vast amounts of people and culminated with the first major nuclear detonation in a population center.  This occurred North America.

[Sky Riot 7 is also a book that is not done yet, detailing these events, including Ambassador Lei and Aelisha Rika]

Lei and Rika

Two of the most important figures during the sky riots were a man who only went by ‘Lei’ and the Aelisha scout, Rika.

She had crashed (thought to be shot down) near Lei’s home, they became friends and lived through the Sky Riots.  Lei was instrumental in securing the Solarians better deals in many eyes due to his deep friendship with Rika who might have pulled some favors.

Lei was put into one of the highest positions during the uplift, and after getting many things accomplished both him and Rika went missing.  It is thought they died, but many clues suggest they in fact did not die and faked their own deaths.