Races / Organizations

This page is used as a contents link for all the races and organizations in VayneLine.  Among the biggest players are the Aelisha, who have conquered most of the space.  The Solarians are modern humans who have fallen under the protectorate and have generally prospered even while serving the Aelisha.  The Burn and the Daijin Stars are two major alien races with hatred towards the Solarians and are not part of the Aelisha empire.

Organizations can be anything from established groups like the Star Priestesses to military organizations like the Solarian’s Classed Soldiers.



Aelisha – A foxlike race that is superior in intelligence but also generosity and flirtatiousness.  They saved the Solarians from ecological and nuclear disaster.

Burn – Originally a gas-like consciousness they are now mainly a mechanical race that has terrifying industrial capacity and general hostilities towards the Solarians.

Solarians – Humans that have been uplifted by the Aelisha, a major player on the scene despite their subservient role.

Daijin Stars – Crystal-like beings with harmonic plate ‘wings’.  They are slow moving but can take incredible punishment.  A smaller empire but often aggressive and involved in many events.



Star Priestess – A professed humanitarian group of all females, often involved in shadowy operations.

Classed Soldiers – The elite group of Solarian military that is engineered from birth for specif combat roles in other words: ‘Classes’



Race power dynamics: This is a talk about various stats of the major empires starships.  A good read to understand various strengths of the races and how their ships compare.


This section will be expanded later