Technology is ubiquitous and ever-present in VayneLine. Whether it is the embedded nanites that are within most people, or the ICS system that allows direct mind-to-mind communication, or force shields and energy swords… there is a lot going on. One important thing to note, as mentioned in the ICS section, is that unlike our own present, VayneLine characters have come to live in harmony with advanced technology, have learned much from problems by people in their past, and have avoided our own predisposition to become “addicted” to advanced technology.

For ease it is divided into three major categories: General is mostly day to day and ever-present technology.  Space/Ship refers both to technology regarding moving though space, as well as ship tech or weaponry.  Lastly Battle refers to ground fighting technology, some of which may be applications of general or modified ship technology; it also features the custom weapons many individuals use in the stories.


General Technology:

This page is dedicated technology that has become ever present.  This is mostly things that are routinely taken for granted, but also have made life different from what we know today.  Also includes ‘general’ concepts like gravity manipulation.  Examples within general technology:

Nanities – A generalized term referring to the multitude of very tiny machines that range from body/health to industrial uses

ICS – Internal Communication System is a protocol that allows us to communicate in our minds to others, much akin to chat/text/email.



This page is dedicated to all technology related to space travel and starships.  Given that VayneLine is a multi-galaxy story, ship technology plays a big role from how to get anywhere, to how fights and wars are fought.  This includes lists of all major ship weapon types.  Examples of this section:


Rail Rifle – A long range weapon that is often equipped on heavier ships, a true ‘railgun’.

D-Cannon – The ultimate weapon of the Solarian empire, limited only to Dragoon ships



This section focuses on ground technology, mostly regarding fighting.  The VayneLine universe is a violent place and there are all manners of technology to facilitate this.  This section also continues an extensive section dedicated to the custom weapons many major characters utilize.  Examples of this page include:

Flechette Thrower – A more accessible pistol that shoots small darts/arrows.  Ria in AilAid uses one.

Farewell –  A large custom alloy sword used by Gauge in VayneLine.