Flechette Thrower

The Flechette Thrower is a small personal defense weapon that is similar to a large pistol with rotating barrels.  It relies heavily on magtec  and propels small ‘arrows’ or darts out of its multiple barrels at very fast speeds.  While not dumping the raw amount of ammo a Sweep Rifle does nor does it have the same mass of projectile and velocity of a Rail Rifle, it is a good balance between the two while retaining the size advantage of a pistol.

Flechette throwers are like many weapons that launch actual ‘mass’ in that the ammo blocks form the projectile before firing.  Given the shape is a bit more complicated than the ‘needle’ of a sweep rifle, the multi barrel design is mainly due to the fabrication process of the darts being shaped and loaded before the next barrel is ready and fired.  The entire process is very quick and at any instant the trigger can be pulled and the weapon will start spinning and firing.  The rotational aspect again is due largely to the making/loading process.

Like most magtec weapons, the projectile does a majority of its damage from cavitation waves, and the Flechette is designed to exploit this to a larger degree than the others.  Given there is no contact with the plates or coils of the weapon, there is little maintenance needed which is an advantage for civilians.  If it is damaged enough to disrupt one of the guides it is unlikely to be fixed easily as they are finely tuned.

The largest disadvantage of Flechette Throwers is they use a lot more ‘mass’ off ammo blocks thus run out much faster than if the ammo block had been used on other weapons.  The darts are ‘pulled’ through the barrels in the same way all gauss-type mag weapons are.