The character tab is organized based on the major story the character appeared in. This page serves only as a way to navigate to the appropriate stories for their characters.  The tab structure up top is easier but can be navigated this as well if the sizing does not work correctly.

VayneLine – The major book within the universe, this is the link to its characters, this list does not include those that are primarily from the VL Chronicles or Reiko-10.

VayneLine Chronicles – A collection of novellas all dealing with issues with the VL universe, this link takes to the page that has all the novella characters.  This link takes one to the page that has the titles of each of the stories, and the characters who appear in each story.

Reiko-10 – A story about survival on an ice planet and the forces that besiege it,  the link provides you with a list of all characters who are named.