VayneLine Characters

This is the subsection which houses the characters from the VayneLine story, this section only refers to those characters from that specific book, and does not include characters that are cross-overs from other stories where they are the main character.  VayneLine follows three major groups: Gauge, Leiger and Havok.  Additionally characters are listed separately.

Fan art cover of Vayneline

Fan art cover of Vayneline.  From top left, ‘Mutated figure’, ‘True Form’, ‘Dream Figure’.  2nd row: Miranda, Leiger, Arianna, Gauge, Fade, Ran, Havok.  3rd row: Rex, Felix, Roza, Reno.  4th row: Sky, Eirik, Billy, Blue Dragoon.

Gauge/Blue Dragoon Group:

Gauge – Wandering soul who ends up stealing Blue Dragoon along with others and begins the events in VayneLine

Reno – Peerless in skill, thinks the Solarians deserve to be premier among the universe

Billy – Cultured ‘Southern Gentleman’ type, like Eirik hates the Solarians under the Aelisha

Eirik – Humorous friend who has been around for the long haul

Fade – A ex-scientist who is saved by Gauge, she is very intelligent and quite skilled in combat due to her design as a weapon officer.

Star Priestess Arianna – Esoteric Priestess who convinces Gauge to take a powerful artifact.

Roza – Flirty, ‘amazonian’ type who is very skilled with computers and electronics

Sky – Slightly effeminate athlete who was once rich.  Spiritual.

Felix – Mostly silent solider for hire, has been with the group a while.

Rex – Shape shifting Drifter, philosophical and tremendous combat endurance



Leiger’s Group

Leiger  –  A philosophical fighter from a secret combative tribe

Leiko – A rival Light Blader fighter on a desert world

Miranda –  A young girl who is found on a dying colony world

Luxuria – Dream figure, passionate, high-energy and driving to get Leiger after something

Leitra – Leiger’s comrade who was thought dead or missing.


Havok’s group

Havok – Older soldier betrayed by his wayward government, rebels and escapes

Ran – Aelisha agent who oddly ends up with Havok, after Line Artifacts

Zax – Fellow sniper, young and idealistic

Owl – Aggressive soldier loyal to Havok

Acedia – Dream figure, very withdrawn and low energy hiding a intelligent mind



This section will be expanded later as more characters are added.