Leiger is one of the three major characters in VayneLine.  He is a wandering fighter that is stuck on a desert planet and trying to get off of it.  He is from a set of highly secretive tribes that are incredibly martial orientated – sending them out to fight to prefect their abilities.

Leiger is in tremendous shape, but it rarely seen without his cloak on. His thoughts are careful, and controlled like his mannerisms.  Notably, his appearance while almost entirely Solarian, his eyes bear Aelisha characteristics in a more vertical pupil.  His only weapon is the fearsome Light Blade, a type of magnetic sword that is akin to a thin sheet of glass that is energized permanently to act like a devastating conventional sword.  Much more ‘spiritual’ than most other characters, he readily accepts signs, ‘destiny’, and hearing voices of his ancestors.  He sees his role in destiny as small (from a humble point of view) but strives hard to accomplish what he can.

At the beginning of VayneLine he is stuck on a desert planet where he meets Leiko.  Leiger becomes invovled with the undertaking of Leiko’s quest to avenge a dishonor on his tribe.  Later Leiger is drawn to a planet where Miranda lives, the last person alive on the planet.  Together, their destiny is linked in a way that amazes him, but he accepts readily.


Trials and clothing:

Leiger is part of the Ryukill tribe, one of many secret ‘Light Blader’ groups.  As part of their trial to attain the ultimate being ( which they believe can only be from surviving combat) they must seek out similarly experienced fighters from other tribes.

The battles are too the death, even though they bear no ill will towards the person.  As proof of winning, they take one piece of clothing from the ‘base set’ of the other fighter, meaning after surviving someone would take the shirt, cloak or pants of the other person.  Identified this way, it is clear that someone is more experienced, though they clearly need to know what tribe they started with – often identified elsewhere such as Leiger’s bandanna.



Leiger, like all Light Bladers retains the prefix on his name of ‘Lei’ which is an attempt to have the correct name of the legendary founded of the tribes – known only as ‘Lei’ but that this was not his full name.  It is thought that the destined hero will have in fact Lei’s full name purely through coincidence or destiny.