Race power comparison

To understand the dynamics at play of the major races in VayneLine this page will be devoted to a discussion summing up various aspects of the forces.  As a reminder these are the eminent races in the VL universe and their scores are going to be much higher overall than if a minor race was included.

Quantity – A simple score based on similar sized starships.  All else being equal, more numbers is always better and can vastly skew a battle in their favor despite higher technology or engineering

Technology – A measure of overall sophistication of the level of equipment on a ship.  There is a complicated interplay of what can counter what, but in general higher numbers is always better.

Engineering– Overall engineering involved in a ship, roughly how well built.  A superior built ship can overcome narrow tech gaps or higher numbers of ships

Durability – A measure of how much of a pounding a ship can take and continue fighting, loosely includes shielding but mostly hull.

Variability – A measure of the different weapons and defensive options most ships have, important as a single tech can be countered even if effective.


Aelisha – Quantity: 5  Technology:10    Engineering: 7   Durability: 6   Variability:10   Total:38

Burn – Quantity:10   Technology:7    Engineering:2    Durability:7    Variability:7   Total:35

Daijin Stars – Quantity:3   Technology: 4    Engineering:10    Durability:10   Variability: 3   Total:30

Solarian – Quantity:5   Technology: 5   Engineering: 8    Durability:5    Variability: 5   Total:28


Longer Discussion:

Aelisha-  The Aelisha are the strongest race in the known VayneLine universe.  They have not been primarily challenged as the closest competitors of the Burn and Daijin Stars have kept to themselves as any war with them would be devastating to all.

Their stats show their power with the highest technology as well as a wide range of various weaponry they can field. Their ships are of high engineering and durability.  A single Aelisha ship is capable of handling multiple ships of any other race.  In an all out war, the only major issue holding them back is rare numbers of which their major adversary the Burn could bring in a surprising threat.  They are capable of building more ships but are largely relying on their power and unlikely challenge to their might.


Burn–  The Burn’s mechanical preference is a large advantage in terms of putting out a nearly unstoppable force.  They have decent technology, use a wide variety of weapons, can adapt to various battle conditions, and ships can take a beating.  The most significant point of theirs is how many ships they can build.  They can construct larger ships as fast as many races take to build smaller ones.  By the time VayneLine 1 begins, many races are caught off guard of just how fast the Burn are building ships.

The only negative is their ships tend to be much more rough shod, despite the higher technology and other aspects, one on one, nearly any other major race can beat their ships.  However, it is usually 10 or 100 to 1 on their side.


Daijin Stars- The Daijin Stars are perhaps best exemplified by they saying ‘slow and steady’ or ‘quality over quantity’.  Their ships are largely works of art.  They are aesthetically pleasing, strong materials and very strong. Their weapons and defenses almost exclusively rely on variations of energy and vibrations which is effective but can be countered by higher end ships.

A Daijin Star ship is more than a match for any other ship short of an Aelisha.  A full sized Daijin fleet is rare but can lay incredible pain and unless fully scouted is simply too strong for others to stand against.  The slow production of their ships becomes highly problematic as losses start to occur in VayneLine.


Solarians–  For an empire that is not independent they have good overall stats.  Most notable is they field around the same amount of ships despite them only being a proxy race to the Aelisha.  Solarian ships have a degree of craftsmanship in them that enables them to largely preform at levels beyond their stats may appear.

Solarian ships follow a narrow path of mass-driven technology as well as missiles and lasers.  There is some use of energy weaponry which this trifecta handles most situations but they lack variability in most of the main fleet to effectively counter all situations.

Being the proxy force of the Aelisha they see a lot of combat before the advent of the large war that breaks at the start of VayneLine 1.





Major Spoilers for VayneLine:





*Please don’t read below unless you have finished the story as this is a very key reveal and spoils a major part of the book*







Unified Solarian Force –  Quantity: 5  Technology:9    Engineering: 8   Durability:8   Variability:7   Total:37

The Solarian race that both characters from Mirrored Sky hail are very advanced having been isolated for a very long period of time.  Ennina’s ‘race’ especially focused on a very heavy degree of science/progress at all costs not unlike the Burn.  As a result their race is extremely potent and the only negative is a quantity issue compared to the Burn.  Both ‘races’ were in a long war and as such their societies and pilots are very ready for combat.


Angelians – Quantity:1  Technology:10+    Engineering:10   Durability:10  Variability:10   Total:41+

The Angelians are the absolute, undisputed master of technology and power.  A single Angelian ship is capable of destroying entire fleets.  They have the advantage of the crystal design of the Daijin Stars as well as having technology that leaves the Aelisha far behind.  For reasons revealed in the book they do not engage in fighting anymore but once demonstrated a feat no other race was capable of and leaves their power unquestioned.  They are mostly concerned with manipulating the lower races and are not actively in combat nor in the business of engaging in it.  They helped build the Dragoon starships.