Fraylash – Characters

Fraylash follows the story of an elite Hunter named Frayno who is called in to kill a rebel leader – a female named Lashia.  The story revolves around the rich man Brish who is offering a large sum of credits or gems to take her out. Frayno comes to find out that Lashia is a very skilled combatant and spares him in many encounters, he only has to figure out what game she is playing, and why she toys with him before it costs his life.

Fraylash Characters –

Frayno – A skilled and elite Hunter who takes the very high prey of Lashia

Lashia – A charasmatic, well-spoken and thoughtful rebel leader, impressive body count behind her

Brish – a local power leader and has boosted the reward on Lashia, hoping to stop her killing rampage