Brish is a character in the Fraylash story that revolves around the dance between the Hunter Frayno and the rebel leader Lashia.  Brish is a business man and wields a degree of power on the planet in the city that Lashia is leading an uprising.

Per normal rules of the Rank system, there is always a minimum reward offered based on someones points, Brish however has put down a large amount of his own wealth to increase her reward to entice anyone who might want to try killing her.  The large reward has been largely unsuccessful because she has a history of killing her assassins which has sky rocketed her Rank but has left few wanting to take her on.

This is a major aggravation for him, as she is ‘low’ enough that full-on military teams or police forces are not interested at this point, but the core group of Hunters want nothing to do with the highly dangerous prey.  This has left only Frayno who does not get along with Brish at all given their different backgrounds.


Trivia: The final scene involving Brish was based heavily on a part in the originally Fallout 1 game involving a fat man in ‘junktown’ who was running a questionable enterprise.