Classed Soldiers

These are the elite units of the Solarian military.  They are typically raised from early age though some do join later due to tremendous skill.  Working closely with both Aelisha and Star Priestesses in many cases despite being ‘Solarian’ often serve these two more-so than the Solarians proper.

They fall into specific ‘Classes’ and this is based on their AGEd creation history.  For example those reared with higher strength, endurance and combat potential would be put into the Assault class.  A majority of Classed Soldiers are created from birth and as a result many of them share similar traits to others in their classes, such as Scouts having bright pink hair or Support females having orange hair.

Teams are constructed out of the various classes, such as a recon group would likely have a Leader, Scout and Sniper.  Whereas a more direct action group might have a Assault and Support instead.

Given how hard the people are pushed as a Classed Solider, they only need to serve the equivalent of a few years active to retire with expenses paid for, for life.  Longer service gives more credits for retirement.  Very rare for people to actually take this option as both the casualty rate is high, and they were literally ‘born to do it’ and can’t imagine anything else.



Leader:  Leaders are the core of any Classed team.  They are trained in a wide variety of skills ranging from tactics/strategy, combat, logistics, and a wide overview of battles from beginning to end.  They can hold they own in most circumstances and are only beaten by the specific Classes in specific areas.  Often cocky given their long training and skills, they also possess a natural intellect.  Fair degree of latent Psionics.  Leader class natural hair color is black through some have brown.

Assault:  The biggest, baddest, toughest are the Assaults.  Able to take incredible punishment, and dish out even more.  They are the weapon and combat experts.  Often on the front line wielding heavy weaponry with a single hand, an Assault is often a force unto himself.  With superior reflexes, judgment in fights, strength and endurance they are able to keep fighting at peak condition long after everyone else has given up.  Predictably they have problems with aggression and maintaining friends.

Sniper:  Snipers are the long range experts.  They excel in remaining undetected, surviving alone for long periods of time, and taking out targets at incredible distances.  Assisted by technology such as satellite uplinks and rail guns often can kill targets that are literally unable to be seen.  Rarely used in direct action teams, their skills are unrivaled for assassination and recon-type missions.  Hair color is black for females and blond for males.

Scout:  Often the shortest-lived Class, they are skilled in front-line combat as well as reconnaissance/evasion.  Their primary skills are the ability to go anywhere, and are trained viciously in climbing, swimming and other techniques.  Given technology they are able to ascend sheer cliffs for example to set raising lines for their team.  Fast reflexes, good senses and skilled close quarters they are a good addition to any team.  Hair color is bright pink for females.

Intel:  These are much more likely to work alone or with a single Scout or Sniper, they are skilled in espionage, evasion and infiltration.  They are often used on assassination missions or gathering data on sensitive targets.  Natural hair color is dark for both sexes.

Support:   Supports are skilled in medicine, supplemental tactics, communication and act a assistant to Leaders.  Their major strength is logistics in helping make sure everything is where it needs to be when it needs to be to pull off the very complex missions they undertake.  Further they are very good at in the field medicene and many Classed’s owe their life to Supports.  Their natural hair color is orange for females and a light brown for males.