VL Chronicles Characters

VayneLine Chronicles is a book that is a collection of novellas that all take place in the VL universe.  This listing has every character in the stories, even though the menus above are broken into the characters based on the story they come from.  The first link in each heading brings you to the story section, the ‘characters’ link brings you to the list of characters simply for that book.

A collage of the VayneLine Chronicles by a fan

This collage by a fan has major characters from all eight VL Chronicle stories.  From top left: ‘Yourself’, Raist, Ria  2nd row: Railith+Dirx, Frayno/Lashia, Trego/Proud  3rd row: Weiko/Ennina, Auriex/Rinnai




SlipDrift – Characters:

‘Yourself’ – Un-named protagonist in the survival Gun-Drift game, forced to survive after taken prisoner

Behemon‘ – Unnamed Behemon alien allied with ‘Yourself’, skilled and nearly out of the games

‘Unknown’ – A voice that has hacked into his ICS and directs him, manipulates ‘Yourself’ to try to escape

‘Sword’ – Unnamed and rival player to ‘Yourself’, sword shaped Strive on his face

Feylon – ‘Yourself’s girlfriend

Feyriko – Criminal lord of game


Project: AKRA Characters:

Raist – Leader of the rescue mission, an elite solider that has extensive combat experience

Leio – Support and long time lover of Raist, strong and smart with medical and logistics

Agrest – Sniper and long friend, flirty man that has been with Raist for a long time

Ziko – Aggressive, strong Assault Class, extreme strength and close combat skill

Philira – Young naive Scout assigned to group that is utterly dedicated to Raist and knows little of a normal life

Laiun – Star Priestess

Ryluna – Star Priestess


AILAID Characters:

Huria (‘Ria’) – A young communication officer who is one of the three survivors that has to figure out what happened to the colony.

Bray – A smart, tough miner who is the first of the three survivors to be Marked.

Dixes (‘Dix’) – A skilled guard for the mine, understands weapons and tactics and guides the other two.

Brown – An overweight miner who was the first one Marked and killed, starting the rumors.

Raislaw – The colony leader who was more concerned with operations than her crew’s deaths.


Eu-Knight Characters:

Dirx – A flirtatous but skilled Knight.  He has been long friends with Railith.  Very skilled with swords

Railith – A calm, collected female Knight, keeps Dirx out of trouble and secretly likes him.  Skilled with rifles.

Princess Higarth – Ruler of the kingdom, beautiful and smart.  Has lead the kingdom for a long time

Princess Giland – Ruler of the adjacent kingdom, thought to be source of the enemies.

Pilko – A senior Knight who has been recently killed.


Fraylash Characters:

Frayno – A skilled and elite Hunter who takes the very high prey of Lashia, will not stop until she is dead

Lashia – A charismatic, well-spoken and thoughtful rebel leader, impressive body count behind her

Brish – a local power leader and has boosted the reward on Lashia, hoping to stop her killing rampage



Proud InfinityCharacters:

Trego: Recently fired scientist who is stuck in a time loop; possesses a brash but natural intellect, arrogant, quick to anger, and doubting.

Proud: Playful woman who is part of Trego’s loops and is the only one that perceives them as well

Mitreah: Flirty android who works at the spaceport where Trego tries to leave the planet



Mirrored SkyCharacters:

Weiko: A pilot with a deep burning hatred in his heart that he has to combat during his survival with his enemy

Ennina: A young girl pilot that is instructed by Weiko as they live on the ice planet they were shot down at.



Rexrin ProtocolCharacters:

Auriex – Leader of investigation team, intelligent but conflicted over interpersonal romance

Rinnai – Flirty, skilled fighter who is Auriex’s partner.  Would like a dog one day.

Pacheko – Auriex’s investigator friend.  Flirtatious and strong, wary of Rinnai.

Leole – Auriex’s girlfriend, knowledgeable about biology, the team scientist.