Gun-Drift is an extremely popular sport in the VayneLine universe that involves players being equipped with anti-gravity vest and a variety of weapons to shoot the other players.  A typical game is dangerous but players rarely die as the weapons are stunning in nature rather than killing, though deadly versions do exist as seen in the story SlipDrift and are illegal.  Games vary on conditions but a general setup is two to four teams of five players each with the last team left with players standing wins.

The Gun-Drift vest use a combination of Grav tech as well as inertial compensators to allow the players daring acrobatic feats of flying and flipping through the air.  This combination allows players to rapidly change directions mid-flight and can lead to stunning performances at upper levels of players out-dodging the other.  The vest themselves are self-contained and have extreme amounts of power but are regulated within the game into diminishing ‘drift units’ of how long they can fly to encourage combat.

A player will start with a set number of shots for their weapon and drift units of flight ability – shooting others increases this amount.  Often times there are bonuses within the games either for specific objectives or packages that are ‘picked up’ by flying over them that give more shots/drift or special abilities.



The sport has many fans, and many credit and gems are bet on the outcomes.

Terra has one of the best ladders for players

Top level Gun-Drift players have a celebrity status