Concepts + Terms

This page is meant to be a link for all the concepts and terms that are used across the stories.  This page actually contains links to two separate ideas, as the terms are used in everyday conversation; whereas the ‘concepts’ are more heavy/deep and may not be stated directly.  Some of these may be listed elsewhere, but is here mostly as a compendium.


Aelisha – Fox-like alien race who is the ruler of our race the Solarians

Affiliated – A colony/system that belongs to the Aelisha protectorate, including culture

AGEd– A term referring to someone being Aelisha Genetically Engineered

Birther – An insult for someone not AGEd, and being ‘born’.

Burn – Hostile alien race, entirely cybernetic, once gaseous.

Classed Soldier – An AGEd elite fighter of the Solarian military, specific ‘Classes’.

Daijin Stars – Hostile alien race, crystalline.  Slow but powerful.

Gene Therapy – A process people who were not AGEd can go through to bring out better abilities

Grav’ –  A reference to something using manipulated gravity, often weapons or mobility

Gun-Drift – A popular sport played with a gun and an anti-gravity pack

I.I. – Ionic Inducing, refers to melee weapons capable of breaking shields

ICS – ‘Internal Communication System’ – implanted communication tech

Intradex – An interactive encyclopedia that essentially contains all known Solarian knowledge

Line/Life Spring – Location where Axls flow freely due to high density

Mag’ – Term referring to a weapon using magnetic principles, such as rail guns.

Marked – When someone has neon white hair.  Due to proximity to Life Energy/Axls.

Nanites – Extremely small machines ranging from biology-supporting, to terraforming.

Psionics – Term for strong mental powers ranging from seeing the future to detecting attacks.

Rank – A system for organizing crimes committed and offering open bounties.

Shield – Typically refers to wrist-worn energy devices that nearly nullify conventional attacks

Sky Riots – Final period of the ‘humans’, massive death due to war/environment/nukes

Solarian – Hailing from the ‘Sol’ star, this is what humanity is now known as.

Star Priestess – An elite organization composed of females with powerful Psionics

Strives – A facial tattoo that is required of Solarians under the Aelisha.