‘Rank’ System

The Rank system, often referred to simply as one’s ‘Rank’ is the criminal enforcement system for tracking crimes as well as the motivation for the elimination of crime.  The main idea is that any crime is makes the person able to be hunter and turned in for a bounty, and likewise offers criminals a way to turn on each other which drastically reduces crime.

Founded initially by the Aelisha, crimes committed are reported to the system which is connected to all Affiliated planets and a majority of unaffiliated ones.  Depending on the severity of the crime the person committing it is assigned points, for low crimes like petty theft could be 1-5 points, extremely series crimes like high-level assassinations of leaders or bombings can get 50-60.  Though the max is 64 for a ‘single’ crime, that does not mean something like a bombing could not get the person multiple different charges.

Anyone at typical locations such as an Arena or a spaceport has terminals that have access to the Rank system where criminals can be sorted by location, points, bounty or anything.  The biographies provided are disturbing in how thorough they are about the history and past of the person.  It includes things such as their associates, and their approximate statistics like intelligence and combat skills.

Crimes have a typical reward they are payable in, which is either credits or gems depending on the preferred reward. To prevent fraud, there is a limit to how much Rank someone can be assigned for a crime. One major difference is the reward is unlimited in that people can contribute their own bounty.  What this means is often certain enemies of the state have decent Rank values, but have tremendously high bounty rewards to lure Hunters like Frayno from Fraylash which deals heavily with the Rank system.

When turning a criminal in, the person who brings them in recovers any Rank the target had at 20% of their points. This means criminals can turn on each other to completely redeem themselves.  No matter the scale of crime, with enough other high value targets brought in, they can be left completely free.  There is no ‘negative’ rank and many people like Hunters simply do it for the massive bounties.



Aelisha have four ‘fingers’ on a hand (including thumb equivalent) for eight digits total.  The base 8 system is why the largest crime can be assigned a 64 – which seems random to us, but would be the equivalent of ‘100’ for us on our base 10.

Gauge from VayneLine, while his Rank is high, it is not particularly notable but his bounty is incredibly high due to the acts he committed on Terra and Sky Commander Laya having a personal grudge against him.