The VayneLine universe is violent and it is commonplace for people to carry personal weapons around with them everywhere.  This section focuses on the ‘personal’ side of technology such as shields as well as weapons.  Weapons range from hyper-sharp knives to energy blades; from chemical propellant rifles, to rail-guns or plasma shotguns.

With advanced shields, armor and even nanities in their body, our current weaponry would stand little chance in the future, and only on fringe colonies does such technology still exist or play a meaningful role.  However, with the rapid increase in technology, weaponry in VayneLine is very deadly even with the protective elements mentioned, maiming and death are quire common even with nanite assistance.


One common feature of many melee weapons is ‘vibro’ nature, which is simply a slang term for ‘vibration’ and refers to often knives or swords with microscopic edges that vibrate thousands of times rendering the weapon almost like an energy blade for its ability to cut through material.

This section also contains the subsection of individuals custom weapons that appear throughout the various stories.

Two major concepts for ground combat is whether the target has a shield or not, and whether the attacker has an I.I. melee weapon.  See these two sections for a longer discussion about conventional ground fighting.

Though they are general technologic concepts, many weapons utilize grav tech as well as magnetic principles.


Standard Weapons:

Any weapon that is not a custom model, even if it is only available to certain people or groups


Flechette Thrower – A more accessible pistol that shoots small darts/arrows.  Ria in AilAid uses one.

Rail Rifle – Extreme long range, conventional ‘rail gun’.

Silvershot – An anti-vehicle long range rifle, exploding slug upon armor entry.

Sweep Rifle – Extreme volume of fire weapon that launches small ‘needles’.  Often used by military teams like Leio for Project: AKRA.


Custom Weapons:

These weapons are often named, and either entirely unique, or heavily modified by a character

Fan-Fanir – An I.I. blade used by the knight Dirx in Eu-Knight

Fan-Faili – A Silvershot railgun used by the knight Railith in Eu-Knight

Farewell –  A large custom alloy sword used by Gauge in VayneLine.



Defensive Technology:

This is about types of defenses an individual may have

Shields – Shields are often small and worn on the wrist, they enable the wearer to nullify almost all damage short of I.I. weapons.  They stop nearly all conventional weaponry to a very large degree and heralded a large return to melee weapon range.

Nanites – Conventional nanites do not act defensively so much as increase the healing rate and consequently the amount of damage a person can take in a fight.  Advanced nanites can be used as outright armor as in the case of some clothing or some alien races.

Armor – Various advances in armor range from ablative plating, semi-liquid type structures to distribute force, to outright stronger alloys that can simply take far more damage.  Armor is often worn in various increasing levels of coverage from light (only vital areas) to full, sealed ‘power armor’ type configurations.

Special clothing – An off-shoot of armor, various types of clothing is imbued with advanced defensive nanites that act much like armor.  Often rumored in Star Priestess clothing, they are capable of taking direct gunshots or knife attacks by restringing or solidifying as appropriate.


In general, this section will be expanded later