Fan-Fanir is the name of the ‘Holy Weapon’ Dirx uses in Eu-Knight.  Dirx believes it holds special power as it can break through enemy made ‘Auras’ (in reality they are shields).  Fan-Fanir is an advanced I.I. blade.  Both being naturally engineered to be light, and high quality even short of the I.I. component it is a superior melee weapon that would put modern swords to shame.  It can take a tremendous amount of punishment, and keeps a naturally sharp edge.  Dirx has sharpened it before but this is rarely needed.

He is trained in all weapons but naturally graviated towards swords and his holy weapon is the Fan-Fanir and without it would not be able to defeat people with shields.  However, (and unknown to him) the technology in the blade allows him to easily kill shielded enemies – much to the surprise of attackers in Eu-Knight.

Fan-Fanir is similar in many ways to Farewell, the weapon Gauge in VayneLine uses.  The major difference other than the larger size of Farewell is the repulsion field in Farewell.  If either of the two men were able to use the other weapon they would largely find them satisfactory and would be happy to fight with it.