Dirx is a major character in the story Eu-Knight, he along with Railith are the only two Knights that are left alive under Princess Higarth.


Knight Railith with her Fan-Faili and Dirx with his Fan-Fanir

Dirx is a flirtatious Knight that unabashedly uses his status to try to pick up women.  He can come across as somewhat brash as well.  One thing though that cannot be denied is his loyalty to the kingdom and their Knightly virtues of truth.  Like all Knights he is skilled with various holy weapons, but prefers sword-like weapons such as his Fan-Fanir which can break through enemy aura fields.

He grew up loving Princess Higarth and his skill and determination got him into the Knights where he was served since.  Railith and him have been partners for a long time even if they may not always be on the same assignment.

Despite his womanizing, and his admitted simple-mindedness is completely loyal and very sincere.  He takes his job and his vows seriously.

Maiden Scale:

Dirx has what he calls the ‘Maiden Scale’ which is based on Princess Higarth and it ranks woman’s attractiveness and how likely he would go on a quest for them.   A high number like a 8 or 9 means he would go questing for them if they asked.

Combat Style:

Railith and Dirx have fought together for a long time.  Given he prefers melee and she prefers rifles, the major style they embrace is that she will engage the enemies at long range and often kill most of them.  If they possess strong ‘auras’ (combat shields) she keeps them engaged until Dirx can close with his Fan-Fanir which will break the ‘auras’ of the enemy mages.

In close quarters Dirx is the default combat unit out of the two of them, otherwise she will engage at distance until he can close.


During the events of Eu-Knight things start to spiral out of control.  The two of them are the only Knights left and are constantly attacked by enemy mages.  Higarth sends the two of them to the adjacent kingdom where they are to intervene with what is happening and possible kill Princess Giland.

Dirx’s confusion begins when they find that their elder Knight Pilko had a secret room in his home that held more holy weapons – of which there were only supposed to be a set amount.  Further, an innocent maiden gives him a cryptic message about things to believe in.

The kingdom they come to is devastated despite Pilko telling them it was a lush, mountainous area.  They meet Princess Giland who tells them some disturbing things about what she claims is true, and the Higarth is the evil one.  They head back confused and empty handed and upon returning find their kingdom under attack by enemies from the sky.



Dirx likes simple food the most: meet, potatoes and vegetables are his favorite.

Railith used to cook for him, but didn’t compliment her enough and she stopped cooking for him which he misses.




Spoilers for Eu-Knight:



*Please don’t read below unless you have finished the story as this is a very key reveal and spoils a major part of the book*


Dirx is able to defeat the wayward Star Priestess Higarth despite her tremendous Psionic abilities due to one quirk which is his pure heart.  She did not sense a hostile intention from him given that he struck her down not out of anything near hate, but a mere duty to the Knight vows he always swore he would uphold.

He gives Railith the first 10 on his Maiden Scale at the end.