Princess Higarth

Princes Higarth is a character in the story Eu-Knight, she is the ruler of the kingdom that Dirx and Railith are both from.  She is beautiful, smart and loved by the populace for the prosperous kingdom they live in.  Her kingdom is attacked repeatedly by enemies that are thought to be from the sky and her holy weapon Knights are slowly killed off.

She sends her two last Knights on a desperate mission to go attack Giland’s kingdom to stop the attacks.

She has been the Princess for a long time, and Dirx remembers her looking the same ever since he was a kid growing up under her.  One of the older Knights Pilko claims she does not age.

She maintains the armory of the ‘Holy Weapons’ which are very high powered weapons in contrast to the general Renaissance Era weaponry everyone else uses.  The Holy Weapon Knights grow up under Higarth and are her elite guard.  They serve in wars with adjacent kingdoms as well as act as a police force within the kingdom.

Higarth is very skilled in combat, and has advanced Psionics  which are her major advantage rendering hostile attacks against her largely non-existent.  Later when her kingdom comes under attack she is seen able to handle groups of attackers due to this power.


Trivia: Dirx’s ‘Maiden Scale’ is based on Higarth, and essentially how attractive a girl is and if he would ‘go questing for them’.

She has long, neon white hair, and a complex bangle/arm tattoo on her right arm.



Spoilers for Eu-Knight:



*Please don’t read below unless you have finished the story as this is a very key reveal and spoils a major part of the book*


Higarth is revealed to be a errant Star Priestess, along with Giland.  The two of them along with some Slayer like Pilko found an abandoned planet and began their own civilization along with the help of the two Line Artifacts they divided between the two of them.

Higarth took Giland’s artifact which plunged the later’s kingdom into ruin and is subsequently killing off anyone that might be able to challenge her.