Reiko-10 [Story]

Reiko-10 that tells the tale of a small group of survivors forced to contend with betrayal, dimensional enemies and the frozen planet of Reiko itself.  When they find out their sister based is wiped out and burned down to the ground they come back to find their own base eerily empty. Attacked by humanoid monsters they realize their own fate if they do not react perfectly.  One by one they are killed off until no one is left.  When the events start unfolding entirely similarly, someone remembers this dream they just had, but feeling the girl he was friends with blood on his hands from her being shot, he wonders – was this all a dream, or a prelude of something more?

The story itself forces very heavily on issues of the flow of time, premonitions, changing reality and free will.  The book deals extensively with the concepts of ‘Fate Lines’, ‘Chrono Lines’, ‘LinesGods’, and ‘Line Artifacts which are very vital to the overall VayneLine story.


Character list:

Aria – a shy, quiet sniper

Feyria – Flirty, skilled pilot

Kalco – Boisterous soldier who had seen this enemy before

Laina – Motherly, skilled medic

Madigan – Angry, wary mechanic/pilot

Rox – Tomboy, friendly girl

Railine – Esoteric, tough fire fighter

Ryla – Young, timid communications officer

Solide – Agressive, angry guard


Zaier – Cold, calculating leader