Reiko-10 Characters

Reiko-10 is a story that takes place on the ice planet of Reiko and involves survival against a dimensional alien force. The base had between 100-200 people in it at anyone time, when the story begins and they come back to the base, there is no one left, and only the 10 who had gone on the plane are still alive.

This is the characters that appear in the story:

Aria – Silent sniper who sees far more than she lets on

Feyria – Flirty pilot who is very fast

Kalco – Skilled soldier who has encountered this force once before and only survivor.

Laina – Unrivaled medical practioner

Madigan – Annoyed buy multi-talented mechanic/pilot

Railine – Stoic, philosophical fire fighter

Rox – Playful tomboy animal control

Ryla – Young but prodigious communication officer

Solide – Untrusted guard with a desire for violence

Zaire – Calculating, cold base commander




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