Railine is part of the damage control crew, he has a wide base of skills, and despite his intimidating appearance is very humble and philosophical.  He is rare in that he is a ‘Birther‘ from a mountainous planet where he grew up but his sister died in a fire.

Railine was a fireman who’s job it was, was to start fires…Not really.

Background:  Railine’s past is one of absolutes and opposites that once led to massive self-confusion and hatred.  In the expanse of the Solarain Empire and the wide-spread use of genetic engineering, Railine is unique in that he was actually born.   He was born upon a Solarian colony that still has live births, parents, and families, as a result is not genetically engineered like everyone else around him.

When he was young he came home to find it ablaze.  It was on fire and both his parents had escaped, but his sister was nowhere to be seen,  She was still inside.

Deeply confused as to why his parents had not brought her out, or at least gone back in, young Railine had set out himself to rescue her.  The smoke and flames struck at his body, but his heart remained strong.  Finding her, he summoned everything he could to draw her comatose body out of the flames together.

Coughing and stumbling his strove onward towards the door as the flames licked at his exposed body, creating scars he would have for a lifetime.  A strange duality of feelings besieged his already overloaded mind: the hatred for his parents for abandoning his sister, but his own love for her the continued to drive him on.

Something snapped in the frame of the house as a flaming piece of wood struck him across the head, deeply cutting an already wounded face.  The impact was so great it knocked Railine out as he and his sister fell to the ground, so close to the door and safety as the smoke and flames built up behind them.

Waking up in a hospital much later he realizes the scars on his hands and face will never go away.  But the next fact he learned was even more painful to him; his sister had died and all that remained was her necklace the doctor handed him before walking out of the room.


Personality:  A driven, deeply thoughtful man who has a conflicted worldview he constantly tries to balance in his own mind.  He loved his family once, but now he hates them.  He hates fire, but at the same time feels an undeniable attraction towards it.  Having grown up this way, he naturally turned to books to help him resolve issues he was having.  It was within old texts that he gradually began to find answers, or at least the strength, to combat these dark thoughts that had forever plagued him.

Railine almost never says anything useless, and all his words carry a perceived weight of a high degree of import and consideration.  Now Railine has an air about him of wisdom and reflection, coupled in a powerful body that has been trained to never again fail anyone important to him.  Looking at him, no one would know his less than immaculate conception, nor would they know of the dark pain that led him to become one of the strongest and wisest people anyone was likely to ever come into contact with.

Primary Relations:


Madigan – Trusted friends, despite many opposites

Aria– Introverted friends

Rox – Similar interests



Railine is almost as strong as full AGEd characters, a testament to his will.

He purposely plays it up to Madigan knowing how easy it is to trigger him.