Madigan is the primary mechanic as well as backup pilot on the Reiko-10 base.  He has a very wide range of skills, and is here mostly as a short assignment before moving onto starships.  Due to an incident in his past cannot stand woman, and has a deep, justified anger.

Mechanic Madigan

Background:  Madigan was created as a multi-role captain for small interstellar ships and outposts.  Madigan was shipped to a hybrid specialization school early in his life that would train and focus on special assignments.  His training was simple on paper, he would be trained and skilled to be able to complete any job in a small elite crew.  Repairing, maintaining, piloting, he was trained to do it all.  He learned how to utilize even the smallest piece of equipment to its maximum efficiency, how to fight and survive in close quarters combat.  His training as an elite captain left him highly skilled, with one dark scar that never left: a deep fear of women.

Such a versatile, skilled man was drastically left in ruin while around girls through a cruel fate that had affected him so harshly.  At an early age he was the only male in his academy class, to which his natural skill led to a lot of animosity.  Once when he was young, during his physical training session, he was doing some extra pratice of swimming pool lengths underwater.  As his schedule was so busy during the daylight, this event took place at night.  As he was underwater, a group of girls had hit the manual override on the pool’s dimaglass cover.  He did not know the pool had been sealed, and once he arrived at the end and tried surfacing, the horrible truth had been revealed.

Worse, the cold eyes of the jealous girls looked on his rapidly panicking self.  His mind raced, trying to save his life, but nothing he tried worked.  His panicked mind once more looked upon the perpetrators of his darkening fate.  His educator found him before brain damage had been done as a sensor had picked up so much activity late at the fitness center.  Surprisingly, he was not scared of water after such a tragic event, but it forever left him a touch panicky, and forever scarred by females.


Personality:  Nice and always willingly to give a hand.  His speech is rather down to earth and simplistic, totally belying his deep, varied set of knowledge he actually contained.  If someone asks him to explain something, or show them how to do something, his face comes alive as he energetically explains everything, his knowledge obvious.  Just one thing: hopefully you aren’t a girl.

Primary Relations:


Railine – Trusted friends, despite many opposites

Feyria – Major rivals



Madigan has a lot of anger towards Feyria due to her bragging about being a better pilot than him as well as her being a girl

In terms of all around stats, Madigan is likely the highest, with above average strength, intelligence, speed and abilities.