This tab is a collection of all the stories within the VayneLine universe.  The primary story is ‘VayneLine’, where as VayneLine Chronicles is a collection of novellas following side characters in an expansion of themes in the universe, Reiko-10 is a survival story against dimensional aliens on an ice planet.

All stories take place within the same ‘universe’ meaning the events that happened in one story happened in all stories and some characters appear in multiple books.

VayneLine –  The major book that this site is based on, it asks the fundamental question that if you could change your fate or your reality, at what cost would you do it? It follows three different groups in a sprawling space epic that takes place against a backdrop of interstellar war, as individuals find out that they actually can change reality, at least locally.

The first group is lead by Gauge, who has a small group of people that are wanted for stealing a ship. As Gauge begins to find out more about an object that he has just acquired, and he is apparently able to change fate, things he thought he knew are called into question.

Havok is a sniper from an abandoned military unit that falls in with the Aelisha known as ‘Ran’, who is interested in having object like this for herself, and doesn’t care who she has to kill to acquire them.

Lastly is Leiger, who is from an ancient warrior clan. His ancestral mission brings him into direct contact with the largest forces in the universe, and his understanding of the “spirits” he communicates with may have disturbing implications.


Reiko-10 – A book that tells the tale of a small group of survivors forced to contend with betrayal, dimensional enemies and the frozen planet of Reiko itself.  When they find out their sister based is wiped out and burned down to the ground they come back to find their own base eerily empty.  Attacked by humanoid monsters they realize their own fate if they do not react perfectly.  One by one they are killed off until no one is left.  When the events start unfolding entirely similarly, someone remembers this dream they just had, but feeling the girl he was friends with blood on his hands from her being shot, he wonders – was this all a dream, or a prelude of something more?



VayneLine Chronicles is a book that contains all of the following novels that detail other aspects of the VL universe:


Slipdrift – Caught as a slave and forced to play a deadly version of Gun-Drift to survive five games.  A star player realizes escape is not as simple as the promised five game mark suggests.

Project: AKRA – A elite military team is sent in to rescue an unknown item that organizations will kill for.  What seems like a simple extraction turns into a battle of betrayal and interwoven fates.

AILAID – A mining colony is slowly killed by aliens who’s targets are ‘Marked‘ by a change of their hair to white, only three of them are left.  Upper dimensional spirits become involved in what occurs.

Eu-Knight – Two knights in an ancient kingdom go to the enemies castle seeking revenge; they find out the small world they are part of is a lynch pin in a interstellar battle.

Fraylash – A elite hunter is tasked with killing a female rebellion leader who has killed every hunter after her.  Finding himself on a world that is sympathetic to androids and a hostile populace he finds out he is the one hunted.

Proud Infinity – A unemployed scientist bemoans the new suspicious company in town, when he meets a coy and playful girl who tells him she is here to help him, he realizes the help he needs is trying the end the day that occurs over and over.

Mirrored Sky – An abandoned offshoot of the Solarian race is engaged in a fight with a superior foe, when a leader fighter pilot’s final kill is taking down the enemy squad leader, he finds himself alone of the alien world with the enemy he swore to kill.

Rexrin Protocol – A colony is beset by disappearances and creatures that seem like hostile zombies, when an investigation team is sent in, the problem is revealed to be something inside every person.