Daijin Stars

The Daijiin Stars are a major alien race in the VayneLine universe, in which they serve in mostly an antagonistic role but not to the extent of the Burn.  They are a crystalline lifeform that moves very slow, lives very long and can take a huge amount of punishment.

The Solarians have been in conflict with the Burn from near the beginning after being uplifted by the Aelisha.  The Daijin Stars are one of the few races that are not part of the large Aelisha protectorate.  The only other major race that also is respectable in terms of military might is the Burn.  The Daijins have in general avoided conquest due to their extreme endurance in battle, as well as a slow proclivity for colonization which has kept them out of direct, high pressure conflict.

Daijin Star’s look like walking crystal monsters with the most distinctive feature being large ‘wings’ that float behind them.  They move by rearranging their body along specially designed ‘joints’ which are low-friction compounds compared to the rest of their body that can be then solidified to support the shifting weight.  Their wings are actually called Harmonic Plates are are thin, tuned receivers of sorts that absorb ambient energy around them in the form of vibrations.  This source of vibrational harvesting is a source of energy for them.  It is believed they are able to absorb an energy or frequency of something not understood to account for energy usage but autopsies have proven negative as the plates ‘shut down’ if the main creature dies.

Their starships are also crystalline in nature.  Their ships are highly resistant to various energy weapons including lasers and plasma which was found to actually re-energize their ships to varying degrees.  The hard shells of their ships in general can only be defeated much like their ground forces: repeated impacts by hard moving solid masses. As a result, the Solarian emphasis on magnetic/Railgun type weaponry has been surprisingly effective despite lagging behind in technology of the Aelisha.


Combat Implications:

Daijin Stars are best thought of as walking rock creatures with fragile angle wings behind them.  On the ground their Harmonic plates are destroyed fairly easily with conventional mass-driven weaponry, but this does not stop them as this is simply a ‘food’ source and not needed on short term.  Their bodies like their ships are resistant to most energy weapons.  Conventional weapons are simply not strong enough to do damage to them.

Various types of sonic weaponry has been tried to varying degrees of success.  A single frequency is not effective on all, and is typically only effective on a few.  Shifting frequencies works to some level, but the major issue is the weapons have to be very close proximity to put out sufficient vibrational energy.  If these conditions are met though, a tough Daijin Star will explode in a dazzling array of shards.

Space Combat Implications:

Daijin Ships are very powerful but not numerous.  They take pride in their ships and are very well designed as well as extremely tough.  Due to their crystalline nature it was found out rapidly in combat that many energy weapons are simply ineffective against them.  It seemed in some cases that it may in fact be energizing to the ship.

Regardless that meant only the more ‘primitive’ weapons worked, and simply had to pound on the ships until they eventually cracked.  Space combat is largely handle by the Solarians on various ‘border actions’ short of full scale war.  The Aelisha ships are largely not equipped with magnetic weaponry to the extent Solarians are.  Much like on the ground, they can take incredible punishment and without the ability to use sonic weaponry, the battles truly become slugfests with mostly railgun weaponry being utilized.

Massive Daijin Star fleets, while rare, and nearly unstoppable due to the beatings they take.  As a sacrifice though, any ship lost is a serious blow and not easily replace for the race.

Read this section for a expanded view on how their ships stack up to other races: Race power comparison

Miscellaneous :

Daijin Stars are literally named after the star they come from: Daijin Star.  This is their own name for their race when translated.  In this regard they are similar to the Solarians to some extent.

As they are not officially ‘at war’ Daijins can occasionally be found in areas common with various aliens such as gaming Arenas.  In general most Affiliated races are wary so the appearance of them in person is not widespread.

Many people think the ‘wings’ are interesting or cool but find it disturbing attached to a slow moving mountain.

The wings are not actually attached to their bodies, as someone could move a hand in between them.  They are connected by an energy field not fully understood but suspected to be similar to magnetism.



Felix from VayneLine has a sonic pistol that is designed purposefully for killing Daijin Stars, it can be used against biologics to explosive results.

Fade from VayneLine gets in a small scuffle with one, and the crew wonders what it felt like touching one.