Marked (or Marking) is a term that refers to someone who has been exposed to high levels of Axls (Life energy) and consequently has the notable appearance of neon white hair.  Life energy is what sustains everything, but in dense doses is poisonous and activates certain cycles in lifeforms exposed to it.

Someone being ‘Marked’ has their abilities enhanced by a significant margin but this is at the cost of a shorter life.  The increase is equivalent of a non-AGEd person becoming an AGEd person.  They are stronger, smarter and return to a more youthful state of their body.

After being Marked/ Axl Poisoned they radiate a certain energy that those with specific Psionics can detect as well as making them much easier for creatures that are attracted to Axl energy to track down and kill.

Someone can become Marked by the following ways:

Living near a Line Spring

Interacting with a LineGod

Possessing a CAO (Condensed Axl Object) – Sometimes referred to as a Line Artifact