‘AGEd’ (sometimes seen as AGEing, AGE or AGEs) stands for Aelisha Genetic Engineering.  It is something nearly every Solarian goes through when they are created.  Solarians are engineered into proficiencies and in many cases specialties by boosting specific traits such as computation, reflexes or athleticism.  A solider will have higher endurance, strength and reflexes whereas a combat pilot will share the increased reflexes but will have increased spatial awareness and quick calculation abilities.

AGEd Solarians are by our current definition ‘perfect’ in that they rarely have health issues, smarter, stronger, engineered to a superhuman standard of beauty, often have wild or crazy hair styles/colors, and possess no deformities of any kind.  Genetic diseases are utterly eradicated.  An average AGEd Solarian is the equivalent to a Olympian in our times in terms of physical prowess, and mentally the equivalent of the top percentile of intelligence.

This is in contrast to people that are born.  In many cases people who are born undergo gene therapy at a later date to clean up genetic abnormalities that does not exist with AGEd people.