Psionics (in slang known as ‘Senses’) are the additional abilities certain races possess that deal with powers originating in the mind.  Some Psionics are not possible for certain races, such as telepathy is not found in Solarians.  In general they range from a sort of precognition of events to things such as sensing objects around the target, or knowing when they are about to be attacked.  AGEd brings out Psionics much more readily as it appears to be part of our genetic code.  At this time the specific part is not identified, other than the increased prevalence population wide suggests it was a bonus effect of the AGEing process.

Aelisha tend to have stronger Psionics than Solarians.  Many elite soldiers and every Star Priestess has one or more Psionics to strong degrees.


Awakening – Rarely, some people often when exposed to life or death situations will ‘awaken’ to latent Psionic powers.  This often happens in war zones and sole-survivor type situations.  It is estimated that approximately that 1 in 100 people have latent Psionics of one or more types that have yet to be naturally manifest and have to be forced out of them.


Psionics can be broken down into different branches, this will be explained later.

This section will be expanded later.