Rox is a character that is a survivor from the Animal control group with some degree of overlap into the damage control.  She is very tomboyish, as rough as many of the guys.  She has a natural affinity for animals given her past.

Animal control Rox

Background:  Rox was born on Farming Colony Zuerus-4, which any knowledgeable historian would immediately find significant.  She was her cycle’s only female that had been created that generation.  It was a fact that she would not become aware of for a long time.  As a result, being completely surrounded by men (which, Solarian-wide, is a very rare event to ever have the males out-number females in a group) grew up tough, strong and well-versed in just about everything from repairing the harvesting equipment, to how to fight with the best of them.

But there was one thing Rox loved especially among her farming unit, and that was the animals.  Perhaps it was their loyalty, or maybe it was their devotion, maybe their undying love, but she came to love animals very deeply.  It wasn’t that she hated Solarians; on the contrary she liked all the men she was with quite a bit, but she loved animals more.  Her natural affinity for them, especially the ability to tame animals once thought untamable, quickly led her to being her unit’s animal expert.

Rox’s story took an interesting turn when she was old enough to start riding the freighter ships.  That morning, she had not been anything especially notable, just a cute, tough farm girl on a planet full of girls not much different then Rox.  However after her freighter had programmed its Jump coordinates and was moments away from executing them, something that would become a huge event in Solarian history took place: Zuerus-4 was attacked and destroyed.

Rox stared back horrified as her planet was rocked and battered, its atmosphere left burning.  All her friends and all the innocent animals that had been killed weighed heavily on her soul.  Though she had witnessed the destruction of her planet firsthand as her ship emotionlessly Jumped away, she would never find out during her lifetime what had actually happened on Zuerus-4, which of course is now standard knowledge.  In that simple moment Rox had become one of about 50 survivors in the first attack on the Solarian Empire.


Rox could be ‘one of the guys’ except for the fact that she is a cute girl.  Any of the more typical female styles of clothing, accessories, makeup and so on hold no sway over her.  She could care less about acting ‘like a girl’ and is more concerned with being herself.  She has a deep, hearty laugh and has no problem shocking anyone by coming up with an even dirtier joke than some guy just told.  She has no problem getting down and dirty, and has wrestled more then her share of animals.  Still, when all is said and done, she’d rather hang out with a dog than with a guy.

She is fairly well-liked because of the easygoing attitude she extrudes.  Initially, someone might think she isn’t really that useful, thinking she doesn’t have much depth to her.  In truth, her life with animals has left her with a deep sense of what we are normally missing during life: everything from love, to the innate ability animals seemed to have in avoiding being sneaked up upon.  Her own senses have been highly tuned as growing up with so many different animals taught her a lot of different ways to notice everything around her and to be ever vigilante.


Primary Relations:

She is friendly with nearly everyone, and does not have any super close relationships.

Railine -Similar circles

Ryla – Teases her

Solide – Drawn to him



Rox is much more wise than she lets on.  Her tough/rugged appearance is largely a guise.  Her playfulness however is completely real.