Princess Giland

Princess Giland is a character in the story Eu-Knight, she is the ruler of the adjacent kingdom that is thought to be the source of the attacks the Dirx and Railith go to investigate.

Dirx and Railith have never met her, and only know about her from their senior Knight Pilko’s talk about her.  Her kingdom is mountainous, green and prosperous.  She was kind, smart and slightly less formal that Princess Higarth. It is clear the two Princesses know each other, and there is a degree of animosity but it is unknown why.

When the two of them come to her kingdom they are surprised how devastated it is, along with how emaciated Giland is.  Despite the gaunt appearance of her, Dirx is stunned by her beauty and thinks she could be a 9 on the ‘Maiden Scale’.

She tells them that Higarth stole her crystal that energizes the kingdom, and also proceeds to fight Dirx, displaying a very high level of combat skill that surprises the Knights.  They leave, confused as to who to trust, the evidence of Giland’s kingdom seems obvious around them.


Spoilers for Eu-Knight:



*Please don’t read below unless you have finished the story as this is a very key reveal and spoils a major part of the book*


Giland is revealed to be a errant Star Priestess, along with Higarth.  The two of them along with some Slayer like Pilko found an abandoned planet and began their own civilization along with the help of the two Line Artifacts they divided between the two of them.