Farewell is the name of the sword Gauge uses in VayneLine.  He has it created in a shape larger than many normal nano-blades in that this one is as tall as a man, almost as wide and does not have a tip – thus it resembles more of a slab than a sword.  He has a red ribbon tied to the handle as a reminder of his past.

It is typical like many melee weapons in that the sword is Ionic Inducing, capable of breaking shields apart, as well as having a microscopic edge.  In addition to being a ‘vibro’ blade of sorts, it has a strong repulsion field (that will literally blow targets apart) that he now keeps de-activated because he tries to avoid killing anymore.  The ribbon is tied around the repulsion field switch and cannot be turned on while the ribbon is on.

Being made of advanced alloys and technology the sword is extremely lightweight, deceptively so.  Gauge jokes that many people don’t touch it because they think they couldn’t pick it up.  The actual blade itself is fairly light, and is perfectly balanced as a lot of the weight is concentrated in the hilt and handle due to the technology within.  The entire thing weighs around near 10 pounds and given both nanities and AGEd or Gene Therapy for increased strength, it is easily swung excluding the danger of its extremely sharp edge.

Though Farewell has a lot of technology in it, as backup it could be used simply as a light and very sharp sword.