Magnetic / Magtech

Magnetic technology plays an important role mostly in the field of weapons and shields.  Magtec often refers to the electro-magnetic usage in many pieces of technology.  Personal shields are partly driven by the advances in magnetic understanding, but the largest display is in personal or starship weapons such as Rail Rifles, Sweep Rifles, or Flechette Throwers.

In the VayneLine universe magnetics have advanced far beyond our current understanding and are used much more ubiquitously.  Our current understanding has slowly uncovered the ability for magnets to effect things we would not normally think possible such as heat, or sound.  In VL the primary way magnets are used is in shields where they maintain a controlled sheath of ions around the user and defends them against high-speed interactions against the field (weapon fire namely). It is also used in a large majority of weapons such as conducting rails of powerful rifles.


Weaponry Examples –

In general the weapons possess small power plants that charge various rails or auto-loaders that then electro-magnetically propel out different kinds of projectiles.  Both personal Rail Rifles, and the starship version is the most conventional of a ‘railgun’ of propelling a mass at tremendous speed, in this case it is the least amount of projectiles as a volume, but the fastest and largest of a single projectile.

Sweep rifles are similar to starship Gauss Limiter blocks in that they shoot vast amounts of smaller projectiles.  Comparatively, the projectiles are the smallest – in the Sweep rifle’s case barely larger than a needle – launched with a medium velocity and the most in terms of quantity.

Flechette throwers launch a small dart/arrow at the ‘slowest’ speed comparatively but still surpasses sonic speeds, it is a medium sized projectile, medium quantity shot and slowest speed. The darts come in various sizes, but typically smaller than a Solarian finger.  There is not a starship equivalent in widespread use mostly due to this weapon being primarily designed against unshielded targets.