Sweep Rifle

The Sweep Rifle is a high-end military rifle used almost exclusively in special military teams.  It is a medium to long range rifle that is based on magnetic induction technology, and launch very small ‘needles’ at hyper sonic speed. They are one of the fastest shooting personal weapons available and launch near a hundred of ’rounds’ per second, given an approximate firing rate of 6,000 RPM.

Sweep Rifles are like most mag weapons in that they are a variation of coil/gauss technology of having plates that ‘pull’ the projectile down the weapon.  The projectile does not touch any of the place and thus do not have the damage rail guns do to themselves, but are also much easier to break.  Compared to a rail gun, they are not as powerful at all, but make up with large amounts of projectiles, and the Sweep Rifle especially epitomizes this.

Like most magtec weapons a large source of their damage is the cavitation wave left behind in biologic tissue from the projectile passing through. Sweep rifles are not nearly as strong per round as say a Rail Rifle or a Flechette Thrower but make up for it in mass numbers.  The weapon can easily saw through bodies, but the main use of the weapon is more of a suppressive or overwatch type use.  The name comes from its designed purpose of ‘sweeping’ over the battle field laying down a deadly stream of projectiles.

Rarely are these weapons scoped, as they are more of a ‘hosing down’ type of use when firing.  Sweep Rifles given their small projectile are often hard to see, and as a result every 100th round is a tracer round allowing the operator to clearly see why they are ‘aiming’ while they sweep the rifle around the targets.



Sweep Rifles are the primary choice of weapon among most Support Class soldiers.  It is used in conjunction to lay a field of fire down, so that Scouts/Assaults can get close, or Snipers can pound from a distance.

Leio from Project: AKRA uses a Sweep Rifle