Leio is an AGEd character from Project: AKRA, she is a Support Class solider who is dating Raist.  She is a tall, very attractive woman with long orange hair like all female Supports and would be around the approximate age of early to mid 20s.  She is good at communication technology, medical knowledge, and some degree of squad tactics.  Her strength is mainly in logistic support of helping the Leader with what might be considered ‘the details’.  As a Support, she stays much further away in typical combat, much like Agrest and in complete contrast to the Scout Philira.

Leio had been part of Raist’s squad for a long time.  She was Raist’s first Support, and has been with him since he was assigned his first squad along with Agrest. Previously Leio was part of larger direct action Classed teams before she was pulled into the smaller groups, of which Raist has been her first and only given his ability of keeping his squad members alive. The time they have spent together has naturally bred both an intimacy and a familiarity that might border on both of them taking the other for granted.  Despite them being intimate with each other, she knows the loss of their Scout Laiun hurt Raist deeply and he never opened up about it.  It did not affect Leio much as being part of the larger groups it was somewhat routine to have deaths and does not hold the responsibility Raist felt.

During Project: AKRA,  the early part of the mission when their orbital insertion is disrupted she falls and loses one leg completely and the other leg it broken up to her knee.  She is left behind at a halfway point along with Ziko while the three still in good shape, blitz forward to recover AKRA.



She acts like a major flirt and uses her body to great effect but is fairly monogamous and is loyal to Raist after they start to develop a relationship.

Support Class females have orange hair, and male Supports have light blond/brown hair.  Like many, she does not change her hair color and views it as a mark of pride.

Like most Supports, she favors the Sweep Rifle as her weapon.

Despite being younger than Raist, given the way training for their two Classes works, she has been in the field longer than he has, but at this point both are seasoned soldiers.