Philira is an AGEd Scout Class from the story Project: AKRA.  She serves as the front reconnaissance and combat unit in Raist’s squad.  Philira is a young woman who has neon pink hair like all Scout units and wears her hair medium length and it is slightly spiky, she is around late teens or early 20s.

Philira is the group’s Scout and very skilled at speed, reconnaissance, close quarters combat, and possesses very high agility and stamina.  She is skilled in multiple avenues of traversing land, including swimming, and climbing which she demonstrates in Project: AKRA.

In the story she comes off somewhat naive which make her the butt of jokes mainly out of Agrest  who is actually not much older than her.  This is due to her lifelong military training that has left her somewhat socially awkward and is especially naive regarding sexual puns.  This is shown when Raist makes jokes about ‘showing her some tricks’ and she thinks they are fighting moves.  They are a tight-knit family though so the jokes are not actually cruel.  She shows him a ‘trick’ of how to store a knife in between an area on a weapon Raist uses.

During the story she is the first one to find Raist after they crash. Neither of them are severely injured and she rapidly climbs on of the razor trees to find out where the others might be.  As night falls they are attacked by the very hostile fauna and slowly make their way to the other group that is still alive.

Leio and Ziko are both too injured to make the cliff descent, river rapids swim, and the actual battle at the fortress without being a weight and are left behind where as Philira, Raist and Agrest push on alone.



Philira was from a colony that was attacked and destroyed by the Daijin Stars (before any major hostilities).  During her escape, her and her ‘brother’ Felix (from VayneLine) were running away and caught.  Her pink knife played a role during this as they were torn apart, her holding the knife (it actually was a present for Felix, but when she came to, it was all she had left).  As both of them were AGEd to be Classed Soldiers she was picked up and sent off to training.

Despite being the youngest of the group, she is not the most recent.  She has been with the group since coming out of training for a few years.  Scouts generally complete their elite training at around 16-18 years old and are sent into groups.  She was a replacement for a Scout that was killed in Raist’s group.  No one ever talked to her about it, and knows very little other than what she can tell is the Raist clearly regrets what happened.  She was never made to feel like an outsider, and considers them her family as she has no one else.

She especially is fond of Raist who she looks up to very much.  Her idolization might seem somewhat excessive, but this is a woman who is general has very little contact with any other people.  Further, he has saved her before which had cemented the feeling in her mind.

Given her training to begin with, she would gladly sacrifice herself to save Raist, even though he clearly is distraught over anyone being so cavalier with their life for him.  Philira has never had an especially close call but just the occasional time he slows down to wait for her in a battle, or a few times turning around to fight back to her helps her undying loyalty.  The closest call was on Reiko-3 where Ziko had been hit by sniper fire and was pinned down in an ambush.

Raist had Philira flank a group of enemies while he and Leio fought their way back to Ziko.  The operation risked everyone, including Philira especially but she never thought twice about it.  She knew any of them would do the same for her.



Philira has a special vibro-knife that has a pink handle with a yellow star symbol on it.  The knife is not special in terms of any power, but holds a place in her heart because it was the last connection she had with her ‘brother’ Felix.  In reality it was her gift to him, but when they were torn apart, it was the only thing she still had left in her hands.

She wrote a note and hid it inside the knife handle, both her and Felix know what it says.

Philira has never dated a guy and is fairly naive about relationships.