Felix is a mercenary hired by Gauge.  He rarely talks, prone to violent outbursts and is unbelievably skilled at fighting.

Felix is a quiet, angry mercenary who is very good at combat.

Felix appears as a younger male with a cold face despite his age.  He is rare in that he has a few visable scars on his face.  Joining the crew when there was a lot more gems around he was hired on a long term contract, ironic given that at the start of VayneLine they are almost out of gems but Felix was already hired.

Generally sticking to himself, he actually leads a tormented inner life due to his past.  As a child his colony was attacked by the Daijin Stars (rare as hostilities never amounted to more than a few skirmishes) and this was a major turning point of his life.

Most of the colony was killed, and was escaping with his ‘sister’ (not biologic) Phillira she was being grabbed by a Daijin.  He was not strong enough and as a collapsing building hit him, the last thing she was gripping was her knife to him.  (It was a pink knife with a yellow star she had gifted to him, writing a secret message and storing it in the handle).

He was AGEd to be a Class Soldier (Support) which explains his very high combat skills.  Being Support, he has an outstanding grasp of medical knowledge and actual caring of teammates.  Given his past though he never let what go happened and cares a lot of distrust in his heart.

Absolutely hating aliens, one of his primary weapons is a sonic oscillating pistol that is specially tuned to destroy Daijin Stars.  It works on biologics due to its power, but is rare in how effective it is against the Daijins.



He actually has to potential to care deeply, but shut that part of himself off after losing Philira.

Does not favor melee weapons despite having skills with them due to the same issue of what Philira ‘died’.

Likes sweet food, but does not eat it often.