Agrest is an AGEd Sniper Class soldier from the story Project: AKRA.  He is the distance fighter of Raist’s squad and mostly provides support from extreme distances and is an incredible shot.  He has medium length, light colored hair and is thin and tall, his age is equivalent to early to mid 20s.

In the story he is separated from the other members when they all crash.  Later Raist finds him along with the others while they have an intense battle against the planet throughout the night.  Using his long range Rail Rifle he is able to kill some of the creatures and some of the mechanical enemies with his skilled shots.

Being one of the three who is not seriously injured, they put together a plan to blitz the fortress to recover AKRA.  He switches to a slightly faster shooting Silvershot weapon and continues providing support to the two others.

Before they begin their final assault, Agrest tells Raist he has a letter he wrote to a girl he had been seeing if he does not make it back.  Raist tells him that no one is dying.



Agrest completed his Class training and was assigned a scout/recon group with Raist as the leader.  For both of them this was their first assignment out of training.  Sniper is shorter than Leader, and as a result Agrest is the equivalent of a few years younger than Raist, and the second youngest only to Philira but is very calm and acts much older than his age.

Originally their group was a tasked with providing distant support and additional battlefield updates, given the original squad composition of Leader, Scout, Sniper, Support.  Agrest had never met prior to the group’s formation, but have been together for a few years and are good friends with the original members of Raist and Leio.

Their squad had preformed immaculately, including a few battles where their information saved many other units, and a few times they were directly engaged in combat.  Small groups are rarely pulled into large fire fights ideally but they have been in several and helped establish a name for themselves for their uncanny ability of not losing members.  This changed on one mission where they were ambushed and their Scout Laiun was trapped and sacrificed herself to buy the group time to escape.  Agrest never mentioned it to Raist but bears some guilt as he felt like he should have been able to save her.  Laiun is replaced by Philira and she has been with them for a few years.

Later, their group is upgraded to size 5 and is given more direct action, they pick up the Assault Ziko and achieve many more victories without losing anyone.



Agrest prefers the Rail Rifle which is typical of many Snipers, but also has an affinity for the Silvershot despite it being an anti-vehicle weapon.

Despite his age in relation to the others, acts almost like the cooler older brother type, also a bit of a flirt.