Trego is a major character in the story Proud Infinity where he is a recently fired scientist who was researching temporal anomalies and finds himself in an endless time loop he cannot break out of.

Trego and Proud


Trego is a clever but slightly arrogant man who’s natural intellect leads to quick thinking but a bit of laziness on his part.  He is fired from his job and travels around the city trying to find work or to leave.  He meets Proud at a bar and comments on her playful appearance before leaving.

He is attacked due to his not backing down from people and ends up shot.  As he is controlling his bleeding he is killed by a black wave of energy.  Waking up he thinks it is a dream and that he unlocked some Psionics.  He sees the girl at the bar, talks to her a little, thinks it is a warning when he is attacked again.

Eventually he realizes the loop he is stuck on but does not know how to stop it.  This is where Trego changes a lot as a person, as he ranges from depravity, to depression to hedonism.

Along the way one of the major characters he runs into repeatedly  is Mitreah who is an attendant at the spaceport he considers trying to leave from.  He is turned on by how attractive and flirty Mitreah is who offers to ‘give him a hand’ as she grabs him with her soft hands.  Later she becomes instrumental in teaching him combat abilities.



Trego changes substantially throughout the story, but one thing that defines him the most is a wariness and skepticism he has towards everyone.  He is not predisposed to anger, but a pride in his abilities lends itself to constant conflict as he does not back down.  His humor has a wiriness to it with a touch of sarcasm.

Deeply inquisitive, he grants this curiosity full reign and will look into anything no matter how taboo.  This gets into serious problems given the time fracture he becomes stuck in.  Proud’s ‘coyness’ is loosely designed to play off of this so that he is constantly intrigued by what she represents.



Trego got the job at the previous research place due to a friend that worked there.  He proved his worth with some unconventional thinking regarding the flow of time being non-linear.  It was a major research boon for the anomaly they were witnessing.  He mostly admits that he coasts on his laurels due to this.  It is extremely likely that ReCorp came in specifically due to what they were discovering.

Connection to Proud:

Proud represents the ideal of his subconscious and latent desires in a woman.  Her appearance of young, attractive, large breasts and tight suit are all desires that were purposely designed so he would come to find Proud irresistible.  This is notable as compared to Mitreah that he is in fact attracted to, and had fast chemistry with, whereas with Proud is it more of a slow-burning flame.

Her innocence and depth are things he wished out of a partner and comes to deeply care for her.  This of course is by design, which is something that haunts him at the edge of his thoughts.



He bought his Liner Pistol as a celebration for the big monetary reward for the discover his suggestion led to.

The Liner pistol a type of Magtec weapon, similar to Flechette throwers without the arrows.

Proud’s other appearance during their first conversation is a ideal he liked in another life