Proud is a major character in the story Proud Infinity.  Initially she is a coy, playful and mysterious girl that appears in the dreams Trego is having.

Trego and Proud

Proud is a young woman with the appearance of about a 21 year old female, she had deep green hair and bright blue eyes, and her Strive is an infinity sign.  She has a bright pink bow tied into her hair.  She wears a tight body suit that shows off her curves of which her large breasts are what Trego is most attracted to.

The first time they meet they actually do not talk.  Later she repeats in a pattern common to many of her types of asking his name, then responding with a ‘I know’ variant.

Proud is capable of changing her appearance due to her true nature.  She plays with Trego by constantly changing her colors, her voice or her entire appearance.  Her design is based on something that will appeal to him on a deep level.  She is physically attractive to lure him in, but her playfulness and loyalty are traits he secretly values.

Eventually as Trego figures things out, Proud along with the android Mitreah prove to be his major companions.



Proud is the only other one beyond Trego that perceives the time fracture they are stuck in.  For this reason alone Trego eventually starts to become close to her.  Unlike all the other women, as Trego realizes, they alone can progress in a relationship.  All the ‘progress’ is reset with anyone else each time.

Proud knows far more than she is capable of telling Trego do to creation rules she is bound by.  As she explains to him, it is not that she just doesn’t ‘want’ to tell him, it is that she literally can’t – a result of this would be the change of Fate Lines of which she lacks the power.




Her Strive is not a true Strive, so much as it is merely a facial tattoo.  The Strive system does not have that symbol first of all, and secondly she has it simply due to design.



The Truth of Proud:

Major Spoilers for Proud Infinity


*Please don’t read below unless you have finished the story as this is a very key reveal and spoils a major part of the book*


Proud is a ‘LineGod’ (and the first one in the VL universe revealed as such even though there are more) which means she is a high dimensional creature who could loosely be thought of as ‘part of god’.  She has very good omniscience, which she cannot see past the time fracture due to Fate Lines or Chrono Lines not making it past that moment.

She tells Trego how she can see the effects and the future, but can do very little to actually change them.  This is why the universe creates physical manifestations of itself in the form of LineGods so it can interact with physical beings – in this case Trego.

LineGods cannot be conventionally killed, mostly due to hard time of even maintaining a solid, corpreal body, and that they cannot violate changing Fate.  When a Chrono Line is ending (such as before a time fracture) she can do anything she wants she it does not ‘change anything’.

LineGods are a very complex and important plot point that will be covered more in other posts.  There is at least one LineGod in Reiko-10 as well as a few in VayneLine.