Mitreah is a character in the story Proud Infinity where she initially works at a nearly defunct space dock and meets Trego.

Mitreah is a young, playful and attractive attendant.  When Trego first meets here they engage in heavy flirtatious and double innuendos.  He asks if she is an android which she replies yes and is curious how he knew.  He responds that she looks too perfect along with her posture and behavior.

They play off each other when he mentions about taking things the wrong way and she replies she likes taking things in the right way.  The innuendo continues she asks if he needs a hand, he responds he doesn’t need a hand but won’t turn it down.  She escalates by talking about her soft hands and grabbing his hands.

He leaves but generally favorably remembers her.

Later as Trego realizes he is stuck in a time fracture from Proud‘s conversation,  Mitreah represents a challenge to him as if he can find her secret control phrase can gain control over her.  He finds out she is actually a retired combat android and her training over the loops teaches him how to fight extremely effectively.  He becomes good friends with Mitreah but all the ‘progress’ of the relationship is reset with each loop.

Eventually he figures out her control phrase so he can have her help him fight for the plan he puts together.



Despite being a ex-combat android she takes pride in her appearance and has very nice long hair and soft hands.