The unnamed protagonist in the story ‘Slipdrift‘ who goes by the name ‘Yourself’ when forced to register for the deadly Gun-Drift game he is brought into.  He has a degree of arrogance and cockiness to him due to his skill but it rapidly melts away when he realizes how dangerous of a situation he is in.  He is promised that by winning five games he will be given freedom.  The problem is the combat is now real, and everyone else wants him dead for their own escape.

He partners with an alien Behemon he simple calls by the race ‘Behemon‘.  ‘Behemon’ is on his 3rd game and ‘Yourself’ helps him to see if escape is actually possible after five wins.

His name is never mentioned in the story, but his girlfriend’s name is Feylon and the man who trapped him in the game is named Feyriko and he is aware of their similar names.  He repeatedly tries to communicate to Feylon or anyone over ICS, but does not get anyone until later.  The first person that communicates with him is ‘Unknown‘ who has a series of orders for him.  Later he attempts to engage in combat with ‘Sword‘ and they become allies for their final attempt.

'Yourself' in battle

-Fanart of ‘Yourself’


Slight Spoilers for VayneLine Book 1

‘Yourself’ is revealed to be actually be a man named Slev who is leader of the ‘Annihilators’ the top ranked Gun-Drift team at the planet Treeport. Sky comments on how skilled of a player he is, and briefly recounts him surviving the events in Slipdrift.  The team sees him save a small creature from an attacking alien right before running into them and realizing they are going to be competing against each other.


Spoilers for Slipdrift:


Yourself teams up with Sword and their final battle help each other shooting their way out.  He kills Feylon and frees Sword as they meet Unknown.  She escapes with them to her ship where they agree to give her evidence in exchange for freedom.