‘Behemon’ is the name the protagonist in Slipdrift calls his first ally.  Behemon are an actual race of aliens, but in Slipdrift where no one has a name, his is called simply by his race.  Behemon are large, reptilian, bipedal creatures with tremendous strength capable of killing a Solarian easily.  Given that drift units work on modified gravity tech they can move just as easily.

‘Behemon’ is a skilled combatant but not as good as ‘Yourself’ given the later was placed in ‘Behemon’ round 3 of combat.  They become reluctant allies due mainly to the circumstance and not knowing anyone else.



Spoilers for Slipdrift:




The Behemon, with the help of ‘Yourself’ wins his fifth game, the first one to do so.  Instead of given freedom he is forced into another game.  He reacts with rage, killing people with his physical strength, before he is shot with a Light rifle and exploded apart.