‘Sword’ is an unnamed character in Slipdrift that proves to be a key ally to ‘Yourself‘ during their escape.  The first time they encounter each other  is actually the end of a round where the rifles have been shut off.  Not knowing this, and having combat instincts both of them charge at the other to attempt to melee and bludgeon the other.

During the middle part of the story, ‘Yourself’ and ‘Sword’ both talk to each other through the wall due to the intervention of ‘Unknown‘.  Only later do they realize their ally was someone they tried to fight earlier.  Together they come up with a desperate plan to escape from the bloody game.


Spoilers for Slipdrift:


Sword teams up with Yourself and they secretly fight together learning the secret of the rifles, and the walls.  In the final round the two of them jet towards the roof, Yourself runs out of fuel and Sword saves him using his.  They make it up the roof, firing and then killing Feylon.  Yourself saves Sword and they run away with the Aelisha ‘Unknown’.