Star Priestess Laiun

Laiun, or more correctly Star Priestess Laiun is a high ranking member of the elite Aelisha Star Priestess organization.  She is part of the combat side of the group and such is very rarely seen in public.  Laiun was the one who orchestrated the rescue mission to recover Star Priestess Ryluna that Raist was tasked with during Project: AKRA.

She was once a former Scout Class solider and bears the distinctive pink hair from her AGEd history.  Unlike many Star Priestesses she was not picked up as an early child, thus does have the actual childhood Priestess Bangle.  She is extremely rare in this regard as only about 2% of Star Priestesses are not found as kids.  This was mostly due to her past as a Classed Scout and a Psionic awakening that was too useful to not bring her into the group.

Her major Psionic strength lies in the Chrono branch, and possesses a strong and long range glimpse of future possibilities.  Because of this she often is part of many operations that are ultimately manipulative to those involved to bring about future possibilities she and other’s ‘see’.



Major Spoilers for Project: AKRA –



*Please don’t read below unless you have finished the story as this is a very key reveal and spoils a major part of the book*



At the end of the story is is revealed that Laiun was a Scout under Raist and was believed by him and nearly all others to have died in battle.  She is still alive, and was torn between giving him the mission to rescue Ryluna and knowing the odds it will kill him.  She vows to try to help him behind the scenes, all the while he never knows she is alive and now a Star Priestess.