Star Priestess Ryluna

Ryluna, who’s official name is Star Priestess Ryluna is a woman who has strong Psionic sensitivities that made her the target of the organization during the Project: AKRA mission.  She is a woman with long dark hair, and is the equivalent age of a early 20’s person.  Like all Star Priestesses, possesses strong Psionics, unlike most though her ability drifts into unknown Psionics.  For this reason alone is extremely valuable as it was thought there were only certain Psionics.

The knowledge and sensitivity she possesses is related to the ‘Emotion Field’ which is a higher dimension lattice that certain aspects of our existence influence.  She can see and read this.  The idea was understood before Ryluna, but having someone who could see clearly see it and was Solarian was very important.  Mainly for research into the barely understood phenomenon she acted nearly alone as one of the few that could ‘witness’ the results of experiments into the Emotion Field.



Like all Star Priestesses, her clothes are very regal and proper looking, but are actually very highly engineered and crafted.  They can take a large amount of abuse and are somewhat self-healing and self-cleaning.




Major Spoilers for Project: AKRA



*Please don’t read below unless you have finished the story as this is a very key reveal and spoils a major part of the book*



She was in fact ‘AKRA’ and was saved by Raist.  The ‘Data processing unit’ was her own mind and having a Solarian that could read the Emotion Field as clearly as she could was unprecedented.