Rinnai is a main character in Rexrin Protocol.  She is the combat specialist of the pair with her partner Auriex.  Together along with Pacheko and Leole they are sent to the planet Jago Prime to investigate the population getting killed off.  Her job is to help gather data and figure out what is happening with her primary task to defend Auriex in the event of a fight.

She has been partners with Auriex for a while, but due to the nature of often being deployed on assignments she had never met Pacheko or Leole until this mission despite being part of the same larger organization.

Playful and flirty, she is in contrast to Auriex’s more cool interaction style and constantly tries to break him out of his shell.  She derives some degree of enjoyment knowing that he is taken and believes she can win him from Leole.

From the beginning of the story, it is clear that they are going up against an unknown force.  From Auriex’s first interaction they know it is a vaguely bipedal monster they are fighting.  The second day they are there, they are attacked, with Rinnai successfully fighting off a majority of the monsters that were attacking a small house they were in.

As the story continues and the population declines there is one point where her and Auriex are in a water treatment plant and she hears a sound, dashing away leaving him alone.  Auriex is forced to wonder if she is still alive as everyone around him is dying.



She really wants a dog, and never has had one.  She wears  dog barrette as a sign of this.

Despite her athletic figure, she really enjoys ice cream, vanilla with chocolate chip

She prefers black sexy undergarments because they are ‘comfortable’




Major Spoilers for Rexrin Protocol:




*Please don’t read below unless you have finished the story as this is a very key reveal and spoils a major part of the book*


Rinnai is an agent for the experiment taking place on Jago Prime.  Though not stated in the story, it was her connection to this that got Auriex’s group involved.  This was because they needed a controlled insider in case the situation turned bad.  Though it was arugable about what is worse than the whole planet being killed.

Rinnai knew it was the nanites from the beginning.  When she dashed away from Auriex, it was because of a pre-arranged meeting with Pacheko.  She was under the impression he wanted to talk, and she knew he had a problem with her.  She was under no delusion he was a strong fighter, and when they met, was surprised when he came straight at her to kill her.  In the fight she prevails due to her nature as a combat android which caught Pacheko off guard.

During the time when Leole is killed, Rinnai leaves again, hoping that Auriex will not continue his search.  Upon meeting him, continues to plead with him to give up.  She earnestly could keep him safe as he did not know the truth about what had happened yet.  When he does not, she knows what eventually must happen tragically.

They have a vicious fight, and due to pure luck, Auriex ends up killing her when she falls on his knife.  He is knocked out and bleeding, and she realizes he has part of the equivalent of android blood due to his fake hand.  Her final act to him is to give him as much of her ‘blood’ as she can to heal his wounds.

He wakes up, realizes this, and crawls out crying and in pain, holding her barrette.