Leolo is a main character in Rexrin Protocol.  She is a trained scientist and the most conventionally educated out of the investigation team sent in.

She is part of the team along with Pacheko who the two of them form one autonomous unit.  She has been dating Auriex for a long time and is wary of her girl partner Rinnai.  As the story goes on, the biologic nature of the creatures is interesting as it appears Solarians are being corrupted and turning into them.

Together with Pacheko, they are attacked but his skills saves both of them.  At this point a large percent of the population is already dead and turned.  Mysteriously both Pacheko and Rinnai take a opportunity during a blackout to dash away, leaving her alone.

She meets up with Auriex and they spend the night together where they have passionate sex due to the feeling of having a close call.  Rinnai comes back alive but looks beat up, together the three of them head into the water plant to look for a final clue.



Past and her relationship with Auriex:

Her and Auriex have been together for a while, they met near the end of both of their respective education careers. She was trained in a majority of various life sciences, mostly focusing on biology and xenology.  Like many AGEd people her intelligence is very high but does not show it in a pretentious way.

Their relationship might have been pretty typical and burned out if it was not for a survival situation they found themselves in.  They were out camping for an extended period of time after finishing school.  At a fairly remote location on a unpopulated planet, their trip was uneventful until they were hiking one morning and a land slide occurred.  She was battered but alive whereas Auriex was trapped by a huge boulder.

Over the course of two days she was able to mostly free him but his arm was pinned by a huge rock they could not move.  She took care of him the whole time, bringing water and food but they knew the situation was bad as they were no where near help and she was wounded herself.

Eventually Auriex realized if he did not take action they might die as she would not leave him and there was nothing to be done.  As the situation grew more dire they promised each other they would never leave each other.  This promise was the cause of their future devotion.

Auriex told her plan to cut his arm off so they could leave as there was no way she could leave and bring help fast enough.  What type of help could even be brought when he was pinned by such a huge rock?  Reluctantly, she did it, it was fast, if nothing else, due to the monoedge knife.

Since then, their promise has binded them.



She likes strawberries as the best food

She would have considered a more medical profession but after talking with Auriex wanted to get into investigations




Major Spoilers for Rexrin Protocol:



*Please don’t read below unless you have finished the story as this is a very key reveal and spoils a major part of the book*



Leole did not go on the isolator as she felt it was not worth it and did not believe it was a biologic infection, in that regard she was right.  It is unclear if being on the isolator would have prevented her from becoming ‘infected’ and given it was a nanite short-circuit the answer is likely no.  When she is attacked by a creature, it is late in the ‘infection’ and she starts to turn into a corrupted nanite mass, and is shot unknowingly by Auriex.  He only realizes this when he finds a picture of the two of them after killing her.